Business Problem
Trucking is tough, lonely, and dangerous. If that’s not tough enough, it can take a long time to get paid. Small trucking companies are so cash-crunched that some trucks have to wait for funds so they can fuel up for the way home. eCapital, a freight factoring company, gets truckers paid instantly for a small fee. With competition heating up in this field, we needed to get eCapital to market first. Yes, this would build their brand. But it would also need to convince truckers to stick with it: Trucking is so tough that it is facing a small exodus of drivers, compounding the pressure on North America’s supply chains. But how would eCapital stick in truckers' minds? How could we persuade truckers and truck owners that we understood them, and had the solution?

Audience Insights
It started with talking to truckers and small trucking company owners. We had to understand our audience. Truckers are not a uniform group of plaid-wearing guys who listen to Waylon Jennings. It’s a diverse lot, with as much as one-fifth making up South Asian descent. There are women. Young men. The old guard. 

For that kind of diversity, there was only one insight that could truly unite them: When the money stops, so do the trucks. Trucking is not some romantic “life on the open road” for them. Trucking is their job, and they just want to get paid on time. 

Creative Insight
In trucking, money is everything, and everything takes money. 

Creative Idea
We made a fast-paced launch film with modular pieces of digital video. In them, we created a new trucking language: “Moneyish.” Everyone and everything was all about money. Not in a greedy way, but as a cash flow necessity to stay in business. We played it straight with situations that real truckers face. The only change? Everyone spoke Moneyish. Every problem has a cash solution with eCapital as the brand that helps you instantly get what you’re owed.

Truckers spend a lot of time in their cabs listening to satellite radio. There are even dedicated satellite stations for truckers. So we created a variety of Moneyish radio spots that would only appeal to our audience. 

Strategy Director: Shawn Topp
Creative Director: Jake Bogoch
Writers: Jake Bogoch, Steve Running
Director: Paul Constantakis
Director of Photography: Todd Duym
Production partner: The Deli
Producers: Cynthia Heyd, Ben Robinson, Stephen Ostrander