Business Problem
Canadians are seeing less of their doctors in person for regular check-ups. We have increasingly turned to virtual care with its easy convenience. A new health start-up is just as convenient, only it turns the doctor’s visit around: The doctor comes to you. It’s better care because the doctor has better inputs to study—like an actual visit. So, how to launch such a service in the face of massive spending from the virtual care giants?

Creative Solution
The service offers better care. Working with the founders, we decided to call it precisely that: BettrCare. With the name settled, we began a design exploration with key values in place: Optimism, modern, progressive, and clearly health oriented. The bright colour system radiates positivity. The light blue palate is often associated with health, which would be a critical factor. We would need that strong association to ensure that people understood this was a healthcare offering. 

Within the strategic and optimistic design is a heart, hidden in plain sight. The typeface is modern and squarely aimed at a younger, digitally savvy audience who is ready to summon their doctor with the tap of an app. BettrCare is out there.

Strategy Director: Shawn Topp
Creative Director: Jake Bogoch
Design Directors:  Will Ko, Andrea Van Der Ree