The Challenge

When it comes to recruitment, The CRA is unable to offer the same level of compensation and culture as technology firms like Google and Facebook. 

Our challenge was to conduct secondary market research to uncover tactics to help the Canada Revenue Agency tell a better story for recruitment. 

The Approach

We conducted extensive secondary research tapping into scholarly articles, news media, industry report analysis, and social media listening.

The research focused on the behaviours, digital consumption habits, online and offline activities, motivations, deterrents and interests of job seekers, through the lens of five different market segments. We then synthesized the research into a report that uncovered some interesting truths about job seekers.

The Result

The importance of a strong employer brand was the key to telling a more compelling story.

The CRA’s employer brand story needed to offer a sense of meaning and purpose to candidates. As tax revenue is used to fund education, healthcare, and infrastructure, we recommended positioning the CRA as the engine that moves Canada forward. By giving candidates an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of Canadians, the CRA was able to strengthen their appeal to the workers they need.