Business Problem
A well-known production company approached us for a head-to-toe relaunch. We knew it would be difficult for three reasons. First, production companies all offer a similar service: producing film and content for ad agencies and brands. Second, we’d have to help this company sidestep a common perception that production companies charge too much. The industry is often scrutinized and criticized for how expensive it can be. Our third challenge was shifting perception about where they came from: miracle workers who take often lower-budget productions.

Strategic Solution 
The first differentiating tactic was working with this company on a small structural change: They produce work for ad agencies. But they also work with creative thinkers and writers to create original ideas directly for brands. The solution was to formalize this practice and position themselves as a “production agency”, a fusion of production company and ad agency. Then we put our money where our mouth was: AndSo decided to become the company’s key creative partner. Working with their team at every step, we created an ambitious branded content production for a client. It would be the first new work that launched the new brand to shift perception from the past.

For naming, we steered clear of anything about film, ideas, or obvious metaphors. The chosen name was The Deli, which has nothing to do with film. A deli is not a restaurant but a fast-paced environment where every square foot is dedicated to making things. It’s a ruthlessly efficient, lively environment and the opposite of fancy—which is what expensive production companies can be criticized for. The Deli was matched with a design system that included its own font that we built from scratch. The colour scheme was chosen to accentuate the work portfolio and endure. 

Strategy Director: Shawn Topp
Creative Director: Jake Bogoch
Strategist: Amanda Caswell
Designer: Clara Marshall