This is the story of how capital letters can change everything. Tremclad, a giant paint brand with thousands of products, asked us to make its new paint product stand out. Lucky for us, that new paint literally stands out: Tremclad Turbo is three times taller than a regular spray can. 

When we tested Turbo the first time, we all laughed. It’s impossible not to. It feels like you’re cheating.

The Plan

We quickly realized that this is the simplest idea: The big can makes big paint. All we had to do was show it. Together with our production partners The Deli, we created a TV and social media campaign that showed the product in action. But we disguised the giant product demo as a skit without words. 

The Gift

Many brands in the DIY space do the same thing. It’s crowded with commercials featuring earnest couples in flannel shirts, sprucing up their home. Maybe they’re fixing the yard together. Maybe they’re standing in their kitchen, admiring what they just did, while the dog makes a mess. (That little scamp!) To help Turbo stand out, Turbo would stand odd. 


It doesn’t matter who you are, or even what language you speak, there’s only one way to pretend that you’re spray painting: extending one hand, curling the index finger, and saying “psshht.” Miming that action is universally the same because spray paint is universally the same. Until now.

The Campaign

We started by typing the word “psshht” in a script and capitalizing the letters. The concept unfolded from there. Where every other spray paint can would inspire a “psshht” sound, Turbo makes a “PSSSHHHT”. In this tale of two neighbours, the first one sprays his garage door with a standard can, while the other uses Turbo. The only dialogue is “psshhht” and “PSSSSHHHHT.” It’s an ultra simple scenario.

It’s also different as can be: Every other commercial has dialogue or music or both. We made this commercial sound completely different, because the product is. That giant PSSSHHHT became a mnemonic device and original sound, cutting through entire commercial breaks and digital feeds to truly stand alone.